Scalp Micropigmentation

If you are bald or balding and want to thicken your hair, scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive, effective procedure that helps give the illusion of fuller hair.  This is an effective method for those with thinning or receding hair. It can even work for a completely bald head, giving an appearance of a short buzz cut. 

Not every tattoo artist can perform scalp micropigmentation properly, much of the time the procedure does not look natural. As a nationally award winning realism artist, Nick has perfected the look and process that it takes to create a realistic, natural hairline and hair texture.

Scalp micropigmentationAdvantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

  • No Surgery
  • Low Maintenance
  • Budget Friendly Solution
  • No Medicine Needed
  • Effective Results
  • Minimal or No Restriction On Hairline Creation


Trust Black Lotus to get the scalp micro-pigmentation that will make your hairline appear fuller. Please fill out a contact form to begin discussing your options!


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