Black Lotus is run by Nick & Kaitlyn McKnight who specialize in many styles of tattoos that you can rest assured are created by the most talented, certified tattoo artists in the area. We serve the St. Simon Island area, along with Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL. Nick was featured on Ink Masters as both an artist and a canvas, and also went on to become the winner of the Inkmaster "Cupid's Ink" special.  Nick's experience in tattoos is not easy to come by. With realism as the primary specialty, you will have access to a level of tattoo artistry that you won't find at just any tattoo shop. We can do all sorts of tattoos, even small simple work.  But the real value is for those who are willing to invest in a true work of art. With tattos as our main focus, we also provide other services. See below:




Ink Masters

Nick McKnight photoNick is a natinally award winning artist, featured on Inkmaster season 2/3, and Inkmaster redemption season 1,4. Winner of Inkmaster Cupid's INK.

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We are now taking appointments for the Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, Brunswick, GA areas. 

We believe in art and creative expression. The art you wear as tattoos are permanent, so we believe in providing the highest quality tattoos, with great attention to detail. Our shop uses the highest quality and safest tattooing methods and tools. We believe in creating a community around art and are proud to serve anyone who feels inspired by what we do! Call us today or or fill out a contact form and begin your work of art!