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Tattoos are a form of expression and art. There are no limits on ideas, designs, and concepts. Whether you have your idea already planned and figured out, or you need help from an experienced artist, Black Lotus Collective can provide you with the perfect tattoo. Our very own Nick McKnight ( D'Angelo) was featured on Inkmasters for his unique level of tattooing that is not easily achieved. As a well-rounded tattoo artist, no concept or idea is too difficult for Nick to create.

Realism Tattoos

Specializing in color, realism, animals, historical people, and nature, your next tattoo from our tattoo artists will be created with high attention to detail and vividness. Realism tattoos are true masterpieces that have the appearance of a photograph or a real-life 3D object. In many cases, the tattoo looks so real that it appears to be jumping off the flesh!  It takes extreme talent, attention to detail, and experience to create high-quality realism tattoos. Something that you will find at Black Lotus. 

Simple Tattoos

Large works of art are not always for everyone. Some people want something small or simple. Our very own Kaityln McKnight specializes in simple, fine line tattoos. Sometimes, less is more, and with Kaitlyn’s work, you will get more out of your simple tattoo. Whether you are new to tattoos or you just need something more simple, Black Lotus will take care of your needs there too!

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is very important! Please visit our tattoo aftercare page to learn how to properly take care of your tattoo for the best results. Again, this is extremely important. You have invested in a permanent work of art that you wear, so taking proper care is paramount. 

Tatoo Aftercare

Our Work

Check out some examples of work you will see come out of our tattoo shop. 



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